The New York State reopened the Statue of Liberty over the budget impasse

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Photo taken on January 21st 2018 shows tourists traveling around the Statue of Liberty taking photos. Source: AFP / Eduardo Mino Alvarez.


The picture shows the data taken on January 21st 2018. It shows the dove on the shore of Freedom State Park in Jersey, New Jersey at sunrise. Photo: AFP / Eduardo Milo Alvarez.

The Statue of Liberty, temporarily closed due to a budget standoff in the United States, was reopened on Monday, 22nd, with the aim of attracting tourists from other countries to visit and spend again.

On Sunday, New York governor Drew Cuomo of Changan (Andrew Cuomo) wrote in a tweet, "a symbol of freedom and opportunity of the statue was forced to close, so we can not stand idly by, and announced that the state has to raise funds, ensure the landmark statue continued to open to tourists.

Andrew said the closure of the surrounding park, a symbol of New York, "has had a serious impact on the economic drivers of New York." It shows our values. Its openness has never been more important than it is today. In America's budget battle, Democrats have called for the protection of 100,000 illegal immigrants. Only then did the Republican Party approve the bill to increase military spending.

Many government departments, including the Statue of Liberty Scenic area, have been closed since Saturday, January, 20th, as a result of the budget standoff.
Andrew told reporters at the southern tip of Manhattan Island on Manhattan Island. The Statue of Liberty costs $65,000 a day to run the Statue of Liberty, decided after communication with the state's interior ministry. Federal employees running the Statue of Liberty are paid by New York to keep the park open.

It's reported. Bronze statue on Liberty Island and Ellis Island near Ellis Island). The museum attracts about 4.5 million visitors a year. Most of them came by ferry from Manhattan.

On Saturday, hundreds of tourists were caught off guard by the emergency, even as tour companies quickly offered sightseeing services or financial compensation as relief.
It is understood that the Statue of Liberty was given to the United States in 1886 to mark the 100 anniversary of the independence of the United States. It is the hundreds of parks and battlefield sites managed by the National Park Service. One of the entertainment areas and monuments.

In January 19th, most "non-essential" government services and programs were ordered to close after Democratic and Republican majorities in Congress missed the deadline to pass the new federal budget.

Some of the most famous parks remain open. It includes Grand Canyon, Arizona Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. But most of the attractions need backbone staff to maintain operations, which means many stores. Restaurants and lounges are closed.
Ryan Zinke, the interior minister responsible for park service supervision, wrote on twitter that he himself welcomed visitors to Washington's National Mall (National Mall) to visit the Second World War Memorial.

The most recent shutdown occurred on 2013, when a 16-day standoff between the two parties forced the closure of the Statue of Liberty, causing a group of veterans to break in (including some disabled soldiers). And holding sit-ins. And that's exactly what President Donald Trump's administration vowed to avoid.
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