China's mining machinery industry is booming all over the world

release:2018-02-06 15:55:03 publisher:ARTS coin_Global art digital asset trading

Despite the Chinese government's intention to control electricity consumption by mining companies in China, the future of China's Bitcoin hardware makers appears to be clear, according to Hong Kong media. There is considerable international demand for Chinese-made ore-digging hardware-the largest demand from Russian buyers.

Alex, a 38-year-old Russian businessman who came to China to connect with local bitcoin mining hardware retailers, spent three days in Shenzhen comparing products offered by more than 30 retailers. He has visited China three times in the past 15 years, but all to buy some toys to sell, but this is his first time to buy mining accessories to China.

Alex said that when he decided to enter the Bitcoin mining industry, he first bought 200 mining machines in Moscow, but there was a premium of 20% over the Chinese market. He said he had to consider not only the price of hardware, but also the choice of retailers. He stressed the need to work with retailers he trusted.

In the case of Alex, there are many potential retailers in Shenzhen to choose.

The Shenzhen-based Hua-Qiang-Bei shopping district has been the manufacturing center of the special economic zone since 1980.

Most of the merchants who used to sell computer accessories have moved to mining parts, and some stores have even taken care of Russian landmarks.

Most of the foreign customers that merchants see here are from Russia, India and other European countries, and there is no small demand for Chinese mining hardware.

Source: Babbit information