SEC inspectors will give priority to investigating encrypted currency and ICO activities

release:2018-02-08 16:51:00 publisher:ARTS coin_Global art digital asset trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission's Compliance Office, OCIEs, intends to give priority to reviewing developments in encrypted currencies and ICO this year.

( U.S . Securities and Exchange Commission inspection department will prioritize activities such as encryption money and ico )

OCIE recently revealed in its annual review priority update that the company will operate within its mandate to improve compliance, monitor risks and prevent fraud in U.S. financial markets. The agency will likely "fully disclose" its findings to investors.

On the day before OCIE announced the news , Jay clay ton , chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) , attended a much - focused Senate Banking Commission hearing on encrypted money , which he elaborated on the evolution of market dynamics and the possibility of future regulation .

"as the market and the products and services available to investors continue to evolve, OCIE continues to give priority to the interests of retail investors in its risk-based testing program, "Pete Driscoll, head of OCIE, will also monitor companies and individuals involved in ICO," Pete Driscoll, head of OCIE, said in an interview.

Other issues the department plans to prioritize in 2018 include anti-money laundering programs, cybersecurity, and compliance and risks to market infrastructure.

Source: Golden Finance